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From Idea To Product In Hand, Faster Than You've Ever Thought Possible


Why Wait Months When Weeks Can Bring Success?

Those who have been through successful product development understand two things:

A faster time-to-market lowers cost
Great products only happen after multiple iterations

Protomentum makes this easy. We turn ideas into real products fast, cutting down the usual months to weeks.

We cut out the latencies in product development. With quick 2-3 day manufacturing times, super fast design services, and smooth process integration, we avoid delays.

Protomentum reduces development time from months to just weeks.

Delays Slow Progress, Not the Work

In standard product development, latencies in design, manufacturing, and assembly stretch timelines. What should be quick turns lengthy. Protomentum tackles these issues directly. Our method relies on three key areas:

  • Skill & Guidance

    You lead, we follow – fast. Matched by few, our team's expertise ensures quality at speed.

  • Removing latencies

    With our latencies promise, we keep the ball rolling, constantly moving your project forward.

  • Integration

    By marrying design with manufacturing and assembly in a seamless workflow, we eliminate the disjointed processes that introduce delays and coordination nightmares.

The Magic of Protomentum

Through our lean, Mass-customization process, Protomentum, a division of Protocase - the world leader in mass customization - we eradicate the waiting game. From design sign-off, we leap into action with all fabrication completed within 2-3 days. Parts are ordered simultaneously, and assembly takes just hours upon their arrival. This magical compression of timelines is not just about speed – it's about the efficiency and coordination that only Protomentum can deliver.

Accelerate Your Product Development

At Protomentum, we are a full-service one stop shop for innovation.

We deeply understand the complexities of bringing a product to market. Our ultra-fast mass custom approach means you’ll have time for many iterations to polish your product, and properly market test.

Our simple step-by-step process will bring your idea to life quickly.


Your subject matter expertise combines with our design team, who work for you with minimal latency.


Time is of the essence so you can test and revise. Our lightning-fast 2-3 day lead time makes it possible.


Our one-stop shop approach means you can trust us to handle every aspect of production.

Free Download:

Product Launch Guide

Download our road map, which walks you through the steps to design, manufacture and launch your idea.


"Developing a new product usually requires many iterations. Rapid development of each iteration really shortens the development timeline and reduces project costs. I am so impressed with the capabilities of Protomentum."

Gordon Neal
Co-Founder - RFINE Biomass Solutions Inc.

“A project that would take 2 to 3 days for Protomentum could easily take 2 to 3 months going to multiple vendors. It was way too much time to get anything done.”

Gareth Conners
President & Founder - Creative Conners

Why Protomentum?

We're not just another design house claiming speed. We're the embodiment of speed, precision, and efficiency, realized through our unique mass-custom process.

Our approach avoids unnecessary steps by integrating design, manufacturing, and assembly into a seamless workflow. The result? A process that feels like magic, delivering your product to market with a speed and cost-effectiveness that traditional methods can't match.

Embrace the Protomentum way – where your vision becomes reality, faster and more efficiently than you dared to imagine.